0031 Leno Healds, Leno Selvedge, Magnetic Plastic Leno Splitz

Leno Healds:

The proven combination of materials – synthetic lifting healds, doup healds of steel – and the proper shaping are responsible for the excellent performance characteristics of our leno healds. The broad center part of the lifting healds guarantees an excellent guiding of the doup heald. The head of the doup heald is effectively covered, so that the standard end is not obstructed during shed change, and hence a clean leno binding is ensured. An additional advantage of the combination of synthetic material and steel is: soiling of the fabric by metal abrasion and frictional corrosion are things of the past. The risk of smearing is also averted. Our leno healds are particularly suited for glass fiber, cotton and woolen yarns.

Leno healds with laterally open C and J-shaped end loops are also available with lifting healds of stainless steel – this especially in view of the processing of hard or high-twist warp yarns or tapes. Thanks to the small metal plates welded-in on both heald ends, our popular repair healds – they replace missing or worn out lifting and doup healds – can easily be hooked into the heald carrying rods of the lifting and doup frames.

Magnetic Carbon Fiber:

Our selvage heald is a very simple solution which offers considerable cost savings and produces a strong and attractive selvedge. The high performance polyamide material is remarkably light-weight. A special magnetic control operates without any external driving elements, while the overall design of the heald is user-friendly and space-saving. These authentic healds offer reliability even at high speeds.

1. The descriptions “sym” (symmetrical) and “asym” (asymmetrical) refer to shedding.

2. For special models detailed information on heald length, symmetry of healds and pitch is necessary.

Special models cannot be exchanged.

3. Types to be used on the weaving machines of the corresponding manufacturers.

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